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Instead of dating, we Grindr’d, attracted to the frictionless nature of the app, soaking up the attention and the possibilities of businesslike Grindr, though anonymous and astonishingly efficient, has presented us with something of a social and romantic quandary.

Casual sex is a fact of life for single people in the city, a place crowded with young, horny men reluctant to settle down — and all the more so when presented with this digital watering hole of sexual conquests.

Why don't you be the numerator and I be the denominator and both of us reduce to simplest form? I wish I was your calculus homework, because then I'd be hard and you'd be doing me on your desk. My ex-girlfriend is like the square root of -1,.... I heard you like math, so what's the sum of U Me 1/33U Once you go Asian, you never miss an equation. Baby, I wish you were x/3 so I could be the area under your curve... Baby your like a student and I am like a math book, you solve all my problems.

" I'm like pi baby, I'm really long and I go on forever. By looking at you I can tell you're 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares. They're both hard for you Are you a 45 degree angle, Because your perfect.

Archimedes cried out "eureka" and ran around naked and filled with joy when he discovered that the volume of a solid can be determined by how much it displaces. I can mend your broken heart Is that an asymptote in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Bertrand Russell was a renowned mathematician, philosopher and advocate for sexual liberation. you cannot define it Baby let me be your integral so I can be the space under your curves Hey baby, what's your tanx cosx? Would you like to see the exponential growth of my natural log?

I'd like to be your math tutor for the night; add a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply! How about we cut math and philosophy class and focus on the rest of Russell's life. Meeting you is like a switch to polar coordinates: complex and imaginary things are given a magnitude and a direction. If I was your math homework, ill make it hard and you will be doing me on the table.

• Air Conditioning • On site coin-operated laundry • Covered parking • 5-min.

Easy access to shopping, sports recreational facilities .

There's the matchmaking app for finding a sex buddy the way you'd call an Uber.

There's the phone-bump app for finding out a potential partner's recent STD test results.

We pass around a joint, conversing every few minutes about a message we’ve received (“this guy’s hot”; “come look at this fairy”; “this fucking asshole just stopped responding”), either from a handsome prospect who lives a few floors down or the silver fox who’s 836 feet away, but the night ends as it started, with four single, fledgling gay millennials, supine and slightlystoned.

In places like New York City, sex, or the prospect of it, is laughably easy to procure thanks to Grindr, which launched in 2009, when my friends and I were closeted 14-year-olds, going to high school in provincial suburban towns, watching our straight classmates dip their toes into the world of promiscuity as we hunkered down and studied, sexless.

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