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I’ve been doing some research and I know for sure weddingpaperdivas wont be a good fit for me.

A memoir from a “serial wedding guest” recounting almost every knot-tying ceremony she’s attended sounds like the premise of a rom-com, but Jen Doll’s new book, Save the Date, is no Katherine Heigl movie — it’s a smart examination of just how weird weddings can be when put under the microscope.

Doll’s first book, which began as a post on The Hairpin, charmingly chronicles the contradictions of 17 nuptials.

Doll offers plenty of description about outfit choices, flower arrangements and hotel interiors, either to set the scene, inspire brides-to-be or anthropologically document one of society’s most treasured customs.

(Perhaps all three.) The who, what, where, when and why of the wedding are just a jumping-off point for Doll to expound about dating in the 21st century, falling in love and finding modern meaning in an ancient institution.

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