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It was, I said, a feminist statement from a woman who’d been roundly criticised for having her modest cleavage digitally enhanced on film posters. Now, just weeks later, Madonna is under fire for committing the same offence. They are selling their own image, not someone elses. Of course, Madonna and Knightley both have exceptional body types compared to us mere mortals. When it all gets too ‘real', we simply can’t handle it.

Her decision to pose for Interview is, then, perhaps less surprising than Knightley’s. Here is a woman still at the top of her industry, after almost 40 years. Indeed, just a couple of weeks ago, Madonna posted a censored topless picture of herself from the Nineties, in response to the images of Kim Kardashian’s oiled, nude backside in Paper magazine. ‘Nipples are considered forbidden and provocative but exposing your ass is not. Here is a clear indication that Madonna knew her latest photo shoot would shock.

Frankly, she’s been taking her clothes off for decades.

Choosing to bear their breasts is a feminist statement, not a requirement. There’s undeniably an element of desire wrapped-up in all this. Small boobs aren’t traditionally seen as covetable. So, isn’t it a blessing that we have these strong, famous women brave enough to turn unrealistic thinking on its head and show us that the female body comes in many forms?

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Today, it emerged that the ‘Queen of Pop’ has posed, topless, for a spread in the December issue of Interview magazine. Madonna’s decision to pose topless has nothing to do with showing-off her wrinkle-free cleavage – nor male titillation. But, to me, it seems pretty clear that this is far from a pop star trying to prove that she’s ‘still hot’ in her fifties. She’s weathered numerous musical trends and managed to stay relevant. Let’s face it, she’s saying, topless pictures of famous women always have.

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