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I know this continuous loop of configuration progress is pretty annoying and the fact that you are reading my article on how to fix it just proves your desire to get rid of it even more.

Maybe at some point you did hope that it will just go away, and it will be automatically fixed by some update or some other future action that you will do and without even noticing it, but this won’t be the case.

At some point, another older version is detected and the whole process can’t be completely finished (registry keys can’t be read or modified, files that can’t be replaced or license that can’t be applied).

Please enable settings that reduce the very high spam content currently coming from planner.This however implies a certain level of computer skills and even if you have that, sometimes it just won’t work.The truth is that it there are more possible causes, but I will just cover two of them in here.The first step you should take to resolve any issue is to check for updates to Windows 10 and the Mail app.Make sure Automatic Updates are enabled and that you have the latest updates.

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For more information, see Apply updates to Windows 10 and Update Mail and Calendar for Windows 10.

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