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But his presence was not welcome by all as he became embroiled in a heated argument with one passionate anti-vaxxer campaigner, who prompted Dr O'Sullivan to witness the 'damage your vaccines have done to these children' in reference to the documentary's content.The 2014 winner of the New Zealander of the Year award, who won the award after his continuous work with rural health projects, has since faced a backlash on social media following his appearance at the screening as online comments claim his stance is fueled by a payout from a large pharmaceutical company.Federal officials unwittingly handed scammers a new and highly profitable product in 2009 when they launched the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP.The voluntary campaign, hatched after the housing bubble burst in 2008, encouraged lenders to offer loan modifications, which officials hoped would prevent millions of people from being forced out of their homes.His passionate address also stressed the safety and importance of vaccinations for children, pointing out that without them it could lead to the unnecessary death of infants.Despite rushing the stage, organisers confirmed the Northland doctor was invited to the screening and revealed he was going to attend even if he was not welcome.This time of year (speaking Caloundra, top of Moreton Bay only here) the predominant bait is tiny white bait and there is tons of it.

Yet some have supported the doctor online, echoing his passion for the cause with one Twitter user writing 'Dr Lance O'Sullivan is awesome on vaccinations.'Dr O'Sullivan has revealed he originally shared the views of the campaigners after noticing an anti-vaxxer leaflet while at medical school.A totally awesome gesture for an amazing volunteer. a big thank you to all the anglers that fished the 2017 Houhora One Base this year.To our sponsors, thank you so much for your support.He simply made up an answer that sounded good enough to close the deal.Sweeney helped sell legal-services programs for Prime Legal Plans, which enlisted attorneys to help struggling homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments through a review process known as loan modification.

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