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When she was in eight grade she managed to get on the cross country team due to it being "no-cut".

For the rest of the school year she wore her team sweatshirt everywhere, which caused her to faint in one episode because of the heat. Upon starting high school she was briefly a part of the cheerleading squad due to a mix up in phone calls.

(Check your files before purchase as these previously sold in another store.) This product is for personal use only.

It is CT friendly (can be combined with other designers' templates for CT work).

Although she may be socially awkward, she appears to have more success socially than her younger brother Brick.It’s Gail here today and this year my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!I already have a scrapbook album dedicated to our wedding but I wanted to create another layout to place in a frame for the wall.Pick out a blank scrapbook or photo album with a pretty cover, or make a scrapbook.Prepping the Materials Creating the Scrapbook Community Q&A Making a romantic scrapbook is a great way to document your relationship and preserve all of your favorite memories together.

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