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Still, it's a heck of a lot faster than going through all the groups one by one. Meanwhile, Yahoo developers: you might want to take a look at that "More info" page that just gives a permission error.Syndicated on: • Linux Chix Live • Ubuntu Women • Women in Free Software • Graphics Planet • Dev Chix • Ubuntu California • Planet Openbox • Devchix • Planet LCA2009 Friends' Blogs: • Morris "Mojo" Jones • Jane Houston Jones • Dan Heller • Long Live the Village Green • Ups & Downs • Daily BBG Other Blogs of Interest: • Dev Chix • Scott Adams • Dave Barry • Boing Boing Powered by Py Blosxom.

There are two basic ways to consolidate multiple email accounts.

Keeping up with email is an ongoing battle for many people.

But there are a number of email clients and related services that can help you manage your mail without losing your marbles.

A while ago I switched ISPs, and maintaining a lot of email addresses got more complicated. But changing your email address turns out to be tricky on some sites.

For example, on Amazon it apparently requires a phone call to customer support (I haven't gotten around to it yet, but that's what their email support people told me to do). I'm in quite a few groups, so when I made the switch, I went to, added a valid address and made it my primary address. Weeks later, it occurred to me that I hadn't been getting any mail from a bunch of groups I used to get mail from.

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